Something for the weekend – The Play That Killed Me

The Play That Killed Me – interview, sneak peek & vox pops from Jordan Ahmadzadeh on Vimeo.

Plot: This world premiere follows two actors across Africa during World War II, exploring the bonds that see people through the most agonizing of situations.

Review: I saw the premiere last week and highly recommend taking up the chance to see it when it returns this weekend. The Play That Killed Me sparks your imagination as you relive this true story. Without the lavish set you might expect in a Quays or Lyric Theatre production the writing and acting are exposed and I was delighted that both stood up to the task. As you can see from the video, this is a story that Justin holds close to his heart and I’m sure he was pleased with how the play was received on opening night.

If you’re looking for a cheap but brilliant night at the theatre this weekend then come to The Play That Killed Me.

Jordan Ahmadzadeh 

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