hosts wanted for Best of BE Festival

As an offshoot from the highly successful BE Festival (no, you ravers –  not BESTIVAL, read it again.!!…), later this summer we’re bringing the Best of BE for a couple of nights to The Lowry.

BE Festival is a showcase of 16 x international theatre companies at various stages of development. The ethos of the festival is about breaking down barriers, and so the majority of the
work comprises of little or no spoken text.

For more about the main festival click here
The winner of BE Festival gets a full length production commission from Midlands Arts Centre
The Best of BE Fest will bring what the judges consider to be the next 3 most outstanding companies from the festival to The Lowry

The structure of the evening is a showing of 2 x half-hour works in progress, followed by a discussion over (paid for) dinner with the artists and creators, followed by another half hour piece and a further discussion.

BE Festival receives some Arts Council Funding , but this is a festival that is about sharing and BE Festival 2010 wouldn’t have been possible without the support and generosity of festival friends and Birmingham residents. 

Would you like to offer visiting performers a warm Salford welcome and share in their festival adventure?

We are looking for generous people to provide our guests with somewhere to stay for the nights of Sun18 & Mon 19 September 2011.

Performers won’t need feeding or looking after, just a bed and a chat. You’ll get a free “Best of BE Festival” ticket and dinner pass for one of the nights your guest is performing.

Ideally we are looking for hosts within the vicinity of the theatre, or with a direct transport link (ie you could live further out but be travelling to The Lowry on those dates and be happy to give a lift / bring along on public transport) – this is a European festival and for many of the participants, English will not be their first language.

Hosts should also have a genuine interest in performing arts, and a warm and easy going personality.We’re not really looking for people who will say “there’s your room” then not engage with them for their two days!

For more information or to express interest / offer space, please email, giving details of your accomodation offer and how many people you would consider hosting, along with your postcode / location (eg a single room with shared bathroom / double room in M6 – can take up to 2 people sharing 1 room / bed) #
Due to the travel / frieght costs, International Work is generally so expensive to programme, and this often prohibits us from hosting

Thanks for your time, and do pass this on to friends / colleagues you think  would have an interest.

Porl Cooper
Theatres Programmer at The Lowry

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