The Lowry’s Youth Dance Ambassadors meet Company Chameleon

The Lowry Youth Dance Ambassador Scheme aims to create opportunities for young people with an interest for dance in the North West of England to work with world-renowned choreographers and dancers on a number of levels; whether that be holding interviews, writing reviews, watching rehearsals or being mentored by dancers.

On Wed 26 October a few of ambassadors watched a rehearsal of Gameshow, here’s what they had to say:

Charlie Jones >

On Wed 26 October 2011, I experienced a one off chance to look into the rehearsal of the Company Chameleon new dance – Gameshow. The show is about desire, seduction and manipulation. It addresses the ideas of celebrity and the success in the modern world – what will be won and what will be sacrificed in the name of fame. The amazing choreography blew me away…

I am definitely going to watch The Gameshow at The Lowry, having watched the rehearsal it looks incredible, so be prepared to step into another dimension of dance like never before. Being part of Dance Ambassador Scheme is truly sensational, especially when I have the privilege of experiencing events like these!

Freya Haworth >

Gameshow portrays society’s (in particular the youth section) obsession with the latest “must have” gadgets and bang on trend mobiles. Anthony and Kevin are against this shallow, materialistic approach to life and having met them we learnt that one of the members has not owned a TV for ten years and he believes that his creativity and imagination is stronger because of this. It was a very interesting evening… I found it a useful experience watching them rehearse and interact with each other – a rare insight “behind the scenes”.

Isabel Anderson >

As a Youth Dance Ambassador, I have been fortunate enough to be able to meet with Company Chameleon. This opportunity involved the chance to sit in on a rehearsal of Company Chameleon’s new piece ‘Game show’ and during the short time we spent watching them gave me such an insight into the process of creating the fantastic shows that they do.

During the rehearsal we saw how much time and effort went into every move, and how each tiny detail was worked on until it became perfect…

This was an amazing opportunity to meet two fantastic dancers and I am very excited to watch their performance which is bound to be unique, captivating and hilarious all in one go!

Kelly McFarland >

It was interesting to watch the process and see how it was choreographed. The particular section they were working on had been run many times and been re-worked so many times that both Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner (The company directors) had different ideas on how the section should look.

Watching Kevin and Anthony work out the sequence so that they were both comfortable with the choreography was mind-blowing. I wanted to see more, as if the little snippet I saw in rehearsal is anything to by “Gameshow” stands to be one of the best dance shows the Lowry has hosted this season. I cannot wait to see the full show.

Rachel Pollitt >

Company Chameleon believes in dance theatre as a vital method for social change and this is evident in their work. Their attention to detail and constant desire to improve and grow as a company has allowed them to perform, teach and inspire audiences everywhere…

Meeting with Company Chameleon was incredible. Antony and Kevin sharing their experiences as dancers was invaluable-what they say and the tips they gave are the ones that truly count. Read the full review here…

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