My visit to Birmingham Royal Ballet by Youth Dance Ambassador Kelly McFarland


Beauty and the Beast Nao Sakuma as Belle and Iain Mackay as the Prince, photo credit Graeme Braidwood.

Recently a few of the Lowry Youth Dance Ambassadors got the chance to visit Birmingham Royal Ballet for the day.

The dance ambassadors had the opportunity to sit in on the Ladies rehearsal for the Nutcracker. They also got a backstage tour and watched a technical rehearsal.

Every dance ambassador agreed that being given a tour of the stage and being able to stand on the same stage as members of the company do, was an amazing once in a life time opportunity.

The Dance ambassadors were also given access to the wardrobe department where we all got a sneak peak at some of the beautiful costumes which are to be used when Birmingham Royal Ballet brings its production of Beauty and The Beast to The Lowry theatre in January. The costumes were lovely; they felt so delicate and looked very pretty. They will without a doubt look amazing on stage.

The dance ambassadors had an unforgettable day, which was topped off by seeing a matinee performance of The Nutcracker.

It was my first experience of seeing Ballet and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The dedication that Birmingham Royal Ballet has is second to none. I enjoyed myself so much I have booked tickets to take my Mum to see Beauty and The Beast in January when BRB brings it to the Lowry so that she to can experience Birmingham Royal Ballet and the phenomenal shows they put on.

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