Once in a lifetime opportunity… a day with BRB by Amy McVey


Beauty and the Beast Nao Sakuma as Belle, Victoria Marr as Fiere and Samara Downs as Vanite, photo credit Graeme Braidwood.

Joining the Dance Ambassador Scheme is something that has led to many amazing doors opening. One of which was our recent visit to the Birmingham Royal Ballet in December.

The day started off bright and early in Manchester as we boarded a train, after a not very straight forward trip we arrived at BRB where we watched the morning ladies class which was totally magical! The next bit of our day involved watching the breath taking technical setup and exploring the stage in between which we took a close look at the costumes for the upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast that will be at The Lowry in January and The Nutcracker.

It was extremely interesting and humbling to have the opportunity to discover the backstage of such an amazing company like BRB. All of these amazing opportunities came to an end as we watched the matinee of the Nutcracker, I can honestly say the show is one of my ultimate favourites and although the day got off to a complex start, I came home with a huge smile on my face!

I would recommend the upcoming Beauty and the Beast to anyone, old or young because I know the company have put their heart and souls into creating something as magical and enchanting as is humanly possible. No one will be disappointed.

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