Kill The Beast In Development with The Lowry


3 unfinished sample models, we don’t want to give too much away.

Based on the cult novel by former Dr Who custodian Tom Baker, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is the latest in development play to come out of The Lowry Studio.

The company behind the production, Kill The Beast, have been busy this week designing the model sets (above).

Writer @ClemGarrity talks us through the designs:

We knew very early on in the script writing process that we wanted to introduce the audience to our world in as visceral a way possible and, as the script was heavily influenced by old fashioned cinema, we felt playing with film and projection would be a wonderful way to do this. Initially we contemplated finding locations we could film which would act as a backdrop for our cast to perform before, however we soon realised that in order to create a fully realised world of our own we would have to do exactly that and therefore set about making our world, in miniature.

Having collaborated with designer and puppet maker Bryan Woltjen before I approached him with a proposal to make our world and sent him endless doodles of the kind of images that were in my head and borne from the rehearsal process. For the past couple of months Bryan has been creating our weird and wonderful village, from the local pub (The Wig & Thistle) to the titular Boy’s secret hideaway in a lightning-struck tree stump. The models do not merely act as static images however but are individual automators, each with moving parts which will be puppetteered so the village feels very much alive and as three-dimensional as the beautiful models themselves.


  1. tracy

    hi will you be doing a live link via webcam for tombaker to be able to see the opening night of the boy who kicked pigs as its his baby and was windering if he has been interviewd about it yet thanks

  2. Tricia Doe

    I came to watch this today and it was absolutely amazing!Are there any video clips of it? I have been trying to describe it to my husband and I cant do it justice.You need to bring it back to the Lowry, I would come and see it again and bring lots of people with me :0)

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