Having joined The Lowry in 1999, Rob Martin, our Digital Marketing Manager, leaves today. Here are his Top 10 memories…

Madrid 4 – 7 July 2007


I attended the Communicating The Museum conference in Madrid where the focus was the brave new world of digital marketing. Working in and around Madrid’s superb main galleries, The Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the stunning Reina Sofia was an incredible experience, made moreso when a presentation held up The Lowry as an example of digital best practice. The work was fascinating, the people interesting and I fell in love with the city. Not only did the conference have a huge influence on our digital strategy, it sealed Madrid’s place as my favourite city in Europe.

Morrissey 18 April 2006


When it was revealed by The Lowry’s programming team that we had secured a gig by Morrissey, the office went wild. As someone who had been a huge fan of The Smiths (I went to see them twice) and who loved the solo work, I was ecstatic. What I didn’t expect, having been able to get a front row seat, was that Morrissey would choose to reach down and hold my outstretched hand as he sang How Soon Is Now? And, 2 weeks later, a photograph of the moment would appear as a double page spread in the NME…

Spencer Tunick – Everyday People Sat 1 May 2010 


Having commissioned the artist Spencer Tunick to create a series of photographs which reflected the work of LS Lowry using crowds of naked people in Salford, we spent a weekend creating the images. My job was to document the process with behind the scenes photographs and a ‘making of’ video. But at one point, I found myself standing in the middle of hundreds of naked people, fully clothed. The need to conform overtook me and I suddenly, completely out of character, took off all of my clothes and, consequently, ended up in 2 of the finished pieces.

Favourite Shows
National Theatre’s Waves by Katie Mitchell
The Dragon’s Trilogy by Robert LaPage
Rain by Cirque Eloize

Mathew Bourne dinner


When Mathew Bourne brought Play Without Words to The Lowry, I organised a Groups Development night which involved a champagne reception, seats for the performance and dinner in our Compass Room with a Q&A between Mathew Bourne and myself. Later, the cast joined us and the evening ended with everyone dancing. It was lovely, and Mr Bourne was very, very charming.

Media City UK 


For many years I’ve sat on the group which has brought The Quays destination to realisation and I remember us getting a call during a meeting to let us know that Salford would be the home of MediaCityUK. We couldn’t believe it.

Lea, Christine and Tom
I’ve made some great friends in my time here. But in over a decade within an organisation, there are bound to be sad losses. Tom, Christine and Lea, all lovely people, no longer with us.

The opening week


It was absolute chaos when we opened. Even on the day of the very first production on the Lyric stage, the building was still being finished. For weeks I was working in a hard hat, sometimes starting wotk at 4am so I could get things done before the builders started work, and how we pulled it all together with what was still such a small team is amazing. You can look back and laugh, but I never want to have to go through that again!

Maggi Hambling


For the exhibition The Sea, which had seascapes by Lowry alongside those of Maggi Hambling, I travelled down to her studio to make a short film about her. It was supposed to be for the website but ended up as the film which accompanied the exhibition in the gallery. Maggi had a fierce reputation but I refused to be intimidated and we got on brilliantly. She bought me fish and chips on the beach and it was a wonderful day.

Getting Married


On Sat 29 April 2006, my partner and I had our Civil Partnership and celebrated with a party for 140 people in The Lowry’s Compass Room. For many people, it was the first Civil Partnership they had been to, the law having changed only months before. We’ve now been together for 22 years and The Lowry will always be a big part of our life together.

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