Young Reviewer: Translunar Paradise


Translunar Paradise was developed with The Lowry and Theatre Ad Infinitum. Translunar is currently touring the UK and Europe so we sent our Young Reviewer Ashley Owen to watch the production:

I feel it is important to begin with the fact of Translunar Paradise is the first show I have watched which has no spoken dialogue. I was pretty unsure as to what I should expect; my view being there is surely a limit to what can be done without the use of dialogue. I can however now gladly say how wrong my expectations were.

The story behind the show was that of an old married couple, the wife gracefully passes away. Upon reflection through different objects in the house, the gentleman has flashbacks of their younger years together.

In my opinion, the show was very well written, I say this as the story is encapsulating and I found myself sat wondering what the next memory was going to involve. I’m a believer that any show that has the audience wondering and trying to second guess what is going to happen next; and not in the sense that it is a typical and uninteresting storyline, but out of excitement and anticipation, is worth watching.

The set used was very simple and uncomplicated; this was good as it enabled the focus to remain on the performers at all times. What little props there were used had a distinct role in the story and had its own significance.


The use of the masks, which is also a new concept to me, was wonderfully done; there was a clear distinction between the younger and older versions of the characters. I especially enjoyed the use of dancing with the younger versions of the characters as it gave a happier and more lively feel to things, at times with this, I found myself uncontrollably smiling.

Full credit should be awarded to the three performers, not only were the married couple played superbly well, but the musician accompanying them was flawless in her role too. The two actors did especially well in getting across the believability of their characters’ relationship. I had no trouble believing the story of them being an old married couple and also, in the memories acted out, a young love-struck couple. Also, their stage presence around one another was completely professional and not at all awkward as many amateur actors may have shown signs of.

To conclude, I would recommend this show to anybody who is new to this type of performance as it is quite a different but welcome style.

I would rate Translunar Paradise 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Ashley Owen, Young Reviewer.

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