Young Reviewer Biography: Ashley Owen


Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a 17 year old actor & mathematician living in Salford. I perform in local Amateur Dramatics and am applying to go to Uni next year to study Maths, or economics, or something!

At the moment I’m on the Youth Talent ID pass at The Lowry which means I get a bursary to take part in the arts. As part of this I’m also assigned a mentor who works there, we meet every couple of weeks. The first time I met with my mentor at The Lowry she asked me…

‘What kind of theatre do you like to go and see?’

‘Hmmm, I don’t’, I replied, ‘If I’m being honest, I think its rubbish’

After that, she challenged me to become a Young Theatre Reviewer for The Lowry. At first I wasn’t that up for it, do they really want a load of reviews that are always negative?

But, as you’ll read, things have changed…


1] Translunar Paradise

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