Super 8 – a week of filming with Salford Young Carers & Maxine Peake


Last week a group of Salford Young Carers had an “action” packed week of film-making as part of The Lowry’s Christmas Appeal project. The young people worked alongside a team of professionals to create footage for the awareness-raising film that will be used in schools across Salford.

The supporting cast included stage and screen actor Maxine Peake, but it was the young people, all young carers themselves, who were the real stars.

As well as appearing in the film, the young carers were also responsible for some of the behind the camera work – including sets and costumes, and filming a “making of” documentary. They learned that it’s not always non-stop fun on a film set, and in fact there’s a lot of waiting around for your scene, and then doing the same piece of action over and over again! Over four intensive days of shooting they impressed the crew with their professional attitudes, focus and creativity.

Director Guy Hargreaves worked with local film-makers Seal Films, to tell the story of three siblings coping with their roles as carers for their mum. It shows how it can affect their school work, and home life, but also their strong bond and everyday life as a family.

The Lowry’s Lynsey Merrick, who has managed the project from the beginning said,

“It has been a real pleasure working with these Young People from our local area. They have extremely difficult lives but at the same time have been hard working & enthusiastic on this project which explores the real issues they face in day to day life. I am extremely proud of them”.

And of course, after the final scene was captured, the director called “it’s a wrap”, everyone cheered and the wrap party began!

The film will be premiered at The Lowry on Tue 2 October in what promises to be another exciting event for the group.

Keep up to date with the project right here via our blog. For more information on Salford Young Carers contact Paul Moran on 0161833 0217.

Lizzy Hewson
Community and Education Administrator

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