The Lowry invites you to be #InOnTheAct

This autumn we dare you to pay a visit to some secret spaces around The Quays as four very different performances invite you to be a part of the show.


Images: Borderline Vultures | You Once Said Yes | The Situation Room | Between You and Me

InOnTheAct is the Quays first ever interactive theatre festival where we have brought together performances which explore this developing area on a very intimate scale.

In You Once Said Yes one by one you be led on a journey through the newly created spaces of The Quays where an intriguing adventure awaits anyone brave enough to utter the magic word yes.

Playfully looking at communication when language fails us Borderline Vultures explores a mysterious building within The Quays in a total sensory experience.

University of Salford performing arts students are taking over Ordsall Hall with Between You and Me, they will bring to life Charles Dickens’ characters in a series of intimate encounters as you are guided in and around the hall.   

Finally in The Situation Room you will be given the power to change history and face the consequences of your decisions in this immersive adventure of world power.

Within all of these performances you may be in a group or on your own but you will always be at the heart of the action.

Bring an open-mind and a sense of adventure and be in with a chance to discover more about yourself as you enter another world.

Thu 6 September – Sat 3 November | | Tweet #InOnTheAct

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