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Pictures We Make is at The Lowry on Thu 14 February, 8pm

Pictures We Make trailer from Company Chameleon on Vimeo.

Lowry Youth Dance Ambassador, Rachel, went to have a look at Company Chameleon’s new work in rehearsals and came out very excited to see the show in full – take a look at what she had to say…

Company Chameleon have been quiet for a while haven’t they? Well that’s because they‘ve been hard at work creating their latest piece of dance, ‘Pictures we make’, the upcoming masterpiece that features the company and others at their best.

Having attended a rehearsal in the first stages of the creation process I have learnt how unique and abstract the movement is and I’m intrigued to discover how, if at all, the piece varies from an early rehearsal to the final performance. Of course this is only a comparison that will be able to be made when the company premieres their piece at The Lowry in February.

Invading a professional dance company’s rehearsal space is not something you do every day so I went in there not really knowing what to expect however I was instantly surprised as the lights were dimmed and the four dancers took to the ‘stage’ in a certain state of performance mode. We were given a full flavour of what the performance was going to be about and was by no means a lazy, untidy run through, you could have put it on a stage there and then!

The focus of the piece is considering how, we as people move from I to we. What do we carry with us as we move between people? The piece also explores the space between experience and expectation. How does your past shape your future? Sounding a bit too heavy… don’t worry the company handle these themes in a refreshing, sometimes comical way.

The company were very interested in what we thought of the section they‘d shown us, what thoughts we had and what it made us feel, it seemed to them very important that they received feedback and they loved hearing people’s ideas on what they thought the piece was actually about. My thoughts? I went in with a notepad, came out having written one word ‘wow’.

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