BRB’s Aladdin – A Magical Night Out


Our Youth Dance Ambassadors loved BRB’s Aladdin last night!

Rachel Politt one of our ambassadors reviewed the show – read what she thought to give you a taste of what to expect:

‘It’ll upset me if it is not like the Disney version’ is the first thing I heard when I took my seat in The Lowry’s Lyric theatre for the premiere of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s ‘Aladdin’. A very excited little girl couldn’t wait for the curtain, of her very first ballet, to rise. I just hoped that it would live up to her dreams…but I had nothing to worry about.

David Bintley’s epic, new oriental masterpiece opens with a vibrant explosion of colour and exuberance as bustling groups of dancers take to the stage and begin to perform, you know you are in for a treat right from the start. As the piece shifts seamlessly from scene to scene dancers take turns to perform in small groups, each with there own elaborate costumes (which deserve a review in their own right), and this is where, I believe we see Bintley’s work at its finest. The movements strike the perfect balance between neat and precise, and exciting and unpredictable, something which is hard to do with classical ballet. Usually, you can sense people itching for the interval, shuffling around and murmuring sleepily. But there was none of that, everybody was just completely captivated.

Bintley is bold and courageous with his choreography. He doesn’t ease you in, he skips parts, its as if he knew you would find them boring and he gets straight on with continuing the magic. The show was a success. It must have been. Because the little girl on my left was beaming from ear to ear and refusing to leave the theatre. There are not many shows that I’ve seen that can make a little girl on one side of me gasp in awe and an old man on the other side applaud endlessly in admiration… but Birmingham Royal Ballet did.

BRB’s Aladdin is at The Lowry until Sat 3 March

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