Positive Postcards For World Mental Health Day

Positive Postcards, a free exhibition at The Lowry, opening on Thu 10 October, is set to bring a smile for World Mental Health Day 2013.

Positive Postcards is a project designed to create a wall of art on the theme of positive mental health, with submissions from anyone who wants to send a positive message. Over 200 participants, from 19 different nations, have sent in postcard-sized pieces of art, each carrying a positive message. The postcards will be on display at The Lowry from Thu 10 October – 7 November 2013.

The project has been led by Steven Derbyshire, who is a volunteer with Making Mental Health Positive, an online support group helping people with mental health difficulties manage their conditions with support from likeminded people.

Steven says;

“The majority of my mail is in brown envelopes or ‘junk’ that goes straight into the recycling bin – none of it makes me smile!

The Positive Postcards project began life when I received a homemade art card through the post from a colleague in Making Mental Health Positive. The card was a personal greeting accompanying a routine posting, but it got me thinking; why have we stopped sending letters, cards and generally positive things through the post?

Well, digital communication has certainly taken over – with mobile and internet based communication creating staggering amounts of messages. However, digital greetings can be so cold and short-lived, whereas the physical presence of a card has texture and the personal touch of the sender – and they can be pinned to the wall or stuck on the fridge door!”

The hope is that this project will have a small but positive (and lasting) effect on individuals and groups as they come together to explore art, writing and communicating feelings and ideas – and to support and inspire other groups and individuals to do the same.

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