Lord of the Flies Blog: What are these New Adventures?

Over the past few weeks, and blogs, a lot of names have been batted around. Re:Bourne, New Adventures, Adventures in Motion Pictures. We thank you for your patience, company names, especially three very similar company names can be overwhelming. All will be made clear.

A Brief History.

Matthew Bourne

So here we go, a brief run through of the companies in question, first off Adventures in Motion Picture. Matthew Bourne began his dance training at the age of 22 graduating from The Laban Centre in 1985. Two years later he became artistic director of his own company Adventures in Motion Picture, often dancing in his own productions. That is until 1999 when he gave his last performance as The Private Secretary in Swan Lake, but I digress back to business. Many glorious new works were created for the company including;

Deadly Serious (1992)

Nutcracker! (1992)

Highland Fling (1994)

Swan Lake (1995)

Cinderella (1997)

The Car Man (2000)

 But then as of 2001 Adventures in Motion Picture was no more.

Making way for Matthew Bourne and co-director Robert Noble to Launch New Adventures, in 2002. And the rest, as they say, is history. New Adventures has enjoyed roaring success over the last twelve years, revisiting works from Adventures in Motion Picture with revived productions of Nutcracker!, Swan Lake, Highland Fling, The Car Man and Cinderella. Their ever-increasing repertoire also includes, Play Without Words, Edward Scissorhands, Dorian Gray, Sleeping Beauty and Lord of the Flies.  The company is resident at Sadlers Wells, but are committed to touring the country, to make sure their productions are available to all. In fact New Adventures has taken their work all over the world from New York to Paris and Moscow to Sydney.

With awards, honours and critical acclaim coming out of their ears no wonder everyone is excited by New Adventures’ latest tour!

And then we come to Re:Bourne


The younger sibling, formed in 2008. With a focus on education and participation the company aims to inspire young people and adults, with creative projects and workshops. These projects can be to compliment any of the companies’ productions or as an access point to dance theatre. They tackle the preconceptions that dance is elitist and unfathomable, and take time to nurture talent and passion. The fact that such a company exists, especially one attached to such a prestigious dance company, makes me want to burst into spontaneous applause, long live New Adventures and Long live Re:Bourne.

 And so concludes our brief history lesson.

I hope that this puts our project into context, and allows you to see the production as both taking pride of place in the New Adventures Repertoire. But also as a part of Re:Bourne’s body of work inspiring new talent, igniting passion and making dance accessible to one and all.

As for our boy’s where are they now? When will we get to meet them? All in due course. Rehearsals begin this week, so check back for interviews updates and one or two sneaky previews. In the meantime #LOTFLowry

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