Local dancers and photographers feature in The Lowry’s international exhibition of dance on film

In the past few weeks, reports have been made across Salford of shoppers pirouetting between the supermarket isles; of tutu clad princess’s poised on fence stumps or of highway maintenance workers sporting a pair of pointe shoes instead of the regulation hard hat and boots.

This year, The Lowry’s Youth Dance Ambassadors invited the people of Salford to submit photos of themselves dancing in unusual locations in and around Salford in response to the #Danceanywhere campaign.

Several of these fantastic images have been selected to feature in The Lowry’s forthcoming exhibition In The Frame: Dance on Film, which opened on Saturday 8th March.

In the Frame takes a look at dance that has been specifically made for film. The exhibition seeks to offer a new perspective on how dance can be interpreted through film and still imagery. Along with the submissions sent in by Salford residents demonstrating their talents, the exhibition will also feature work by international choreographers, filmmakers and artists.

In The Frame: Dance on Film is a free exhibition and runs from Saturday 8th March to Sunday 27th July 2014 at The Lowry. For more information please visit:


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