Lord of the Flies Blog: Behind the Curtain

Dance Ambassador Leah Wainwright takes us behind the scenes in the creation of Lord of the Flies…

Well at this stage it is a little more ‘through the studio doors’, but that makes for a slightly less impressive title.

Last Saturday saw me throwing my handbag into my car and beetling down the M602 back to Eccles town hall where I was due to meet with some of the Lord of the flies boys for a few admin duties. Arriving a few minutes before they were due to take a lunch break, a cunning plan on my part, I slipped into the studio just in time to see a run through of the work they had done that morning.

Lord of the Flies Audition

My, what a treat!

With Adam Galbraith, Daisy May Kemp (from New Adventures), and our very own Sam and Luke taking the part of all the other cast members, I had my own private viewing of the beginning of the show.  There were characters, props, dance formations; the whole works, and I was lost in the story…and that was without set, costumes and a big fancy theatre to frame it all. I tell you now these boys are pros!

I’m sure I don’t really need to tell you, my excitement was such that by the end of the rehearsal I was grinning ear to ear and floating an inch of the ground. But all things come to an end, as lunch was called and I fell back to earth, dealing with the task I had gone to complete.

Over the past few weeks I have been chatting with the boys involved and finding out more about them and their experiences as dancers. So many of them expressed equal interest in performing and teaching, this fact, coupled with their helping one another in rehearsals and through the audition…seems to point to one thing. Yes.  I have to say I think it’s official. Dancing loves company! So many dancers love to pass on their knowledge and expertise onto others, to help kindle those first sparks that could grow into a flame of passion to match their own. With all these dancers and teachers around, it may soon become an epidemic.

Over the next two weeks rehearsals will be stepping up a gear and soon we will have the whole cast settling into The Lowry… I may have to find a few more excuses to get into the studio.

Plus a little birdie told me the set will begin to be assembled next week, and I will make it my aim, nigh my mission, to sneak backstage and report back to you lovely lot about what is going on.

In the meantime keep an eye on our twitter for pictures and gossip #LOTFLowry

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