Lord of the Flies Blog: One Week to Go

Dance Ambassador Leah Wainwright gives us a sneaky peak backstage ahead of the opening night for Lord of the Flies next week…

So here we go, that seek peek I promised you…well I’m as good as my word.

Scanning my ‘to do’ list for today, interviews with a handful of the Lord of the Flies boys was pretty close to the top. With curtain up next week, there will be less time for me to grab a few minutes with them so I knew I had to move pretty fast. Lunch break rolled around and I grabbed my camera and notebook and headed down to the basement, where The Lowry’s largest dressing rooms can be found, and where the twenty-four Salford lads have made their home for the next few weeks. Energy was high, and the boys laughed and joked around in their break, the brotherhood was clear.

Lord of the Flies
Rehearsal Room

On our way back up to the office, a quick detour was in order. As if in invitation, a door just to our left opened up; The lyric theatre stage. Peeking round the door, the stage was bare; a blank canvas all ready for the ‘Flies’ crew. Standing on the stage and gazing out at the empty auditorium, my mind wandered to the boys and their up-and-coming fortnight. In just under two weeks they would be standing in my place, looking out at those seats, only next week those seats will be full, For some of the boys this is their first time on a professional stage, and what a stage to make their debut!

Lowry Stage
Lyric Theatre

Onward with our information-gathering mission, saw us head through a second door and into the dock. This is where the action was! An undetected entry was impossible, as we walked through the largest door in the building and came face to face, with the full company, choreographer, director, ambassadors, technicians; the lot. A sheepish grin on my part was met by beaming smiles from the boys, clearly proud of taking their rightful place alongside the professional cast, and a muscle flexing greeting from Adam Galbraith.

Rehearsal Room

Costumes, props and scenery littered the floor. A four levelled scaffold was in the centre of the room, with boys hiding underneath, hanging off the sides and clambering all over. Three clothes rails were spun across the floor with two boys at the helm of each, and three large wicker baskets lined the wall of the dock. Directions were called, alterations made and we backed out of the way so as to give the cast and crew the space they need.
One more stop took us past the costume department, where we saw rows and rows of shorts and blazers lined up ready to go. The excitement really is building now. The energy around the room is palpable. Over the coming week costumes will be altered, sets built, dance steps memorized and friendships will be forged.

Lord of the Flies
Rehearsal Room

I just can’t wait to see the final product; less than one week to go !

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