Opera Della Luna’s Youth Chorus: The Gondoliers


For me, the Easter break didn’t pass quickly enough. It was the first weekend since mid-March that we had to miss out on our weekly dose of Gilbert and Sullivan, courtesy of the excellent Opera Della Luna in association with the Lowry.

The upcoming production of The Gondoliers, running from 21st – 24th May, will feature a special element that has offered the young people of Salford an unmissable opportunity.

We are The Gondoliers’ community youth chorus, twenty-four fresh faces featuring in Opera Della Luna’s latest venture into the deliciously humorous and still strikingly relevant world of Gilbert and Sullivan. I’ve been lucky enough to sit on the darker side of the footlights on numerous occasions, but never before have I been party to the ping-pong game of witty ideas that is the company’s creative process. To the naked eye, rehearsals seem relaxed and easy-going, in a similar vein to the company’s productions themselves, but, like the productions, there is a fantastic undercurrent of subtle order that always leaves us surprised by how much has been achieved each session.

The sense of support and twinkling humour present in the rehearsal room has really brought the best out of the local young people taking part in the project, and I don’t doubt that it will come across on stage. We’ve whizzed through material with confidence, and, as a result, Act One is now almost completely staged, as is the beautifully chaotic cachuca scene that includes a fantastic dance number.

We all look forward to jumping back in feet-first. The home stretch of rehearsals promises auditions for a number of smaller solo roles, wonderful costumes, even more choreography and further opportunities to inject a little contemporary magic into this wonderful production, underlining the fact that time has failed to discolour its themes even in the slightest. No wonder Easter felt far too long!

Caroline Lamb, Young Chorus Member

Find out more about The Gondoliers and buy your tickets here: http://www.thelowry.com/event/the-gondoliers