Backstage at The Lowry: Siobhan Ogden, Human Resources Manager

Siobhan Ogden

I have worked in Human Resources ever since leaving university, starting in the manufacturing industry and then moving to retail. I can still remember my excitement at seeing the role of HR Manager at The Lowry advertised in 2006 and sending in my application.

I have lived most of my life in Salford and know the area well. I can also remember the excitement across the city when The Lowry was being built. Once I started work here I realised the impact this building has on peoples’ lives – as friends and family told me about their visits here, people who had been in amateur productions on stage here, attended workshops, who had their graduation ceremony here and even been to weddings here! And I was excited about the stage and gallery spaces!

I soon realised the pride and passion of employees and volunteers here and the range of jobs is probably the widest I have ever known in one organisation. We currently have around 140 permanent employees, both full and part time, 270 casual staff and 280 volunteers. Approximately one third of our employees live in Salford.

I’ve been involved in the recruitment of everything from chefs and curators to ticket sales agents and accountants. The variety of activity that goes on here requires all of these roles and more and we have a diverse workforce with varying needs. There are many career opportunities here and whilst there are not always succession routes available there is a wealth of experience, learning, training and development available.

Being a not for profit making organisation there is not always extra money to spend on staff but I am proud of the benefits that we do offer such as free tea and coffee for all staff and volunteers, free parking and an extra paid day off for your birthday! We also have a minimum hourly wage which is above the national minimum wage and competitive rates of pay. My vision is to be an employer of choice and I think we are well on the way to achieving that.