FREE drama, movement and creative writing workshop with ZENDEH


Thu 22 May, 10am-12pm

As the British and American orchestrated coup d’état Operation Boot destabilises a nation, an intoxicating love triangle unravels…

HEART is an explosive mix of political thriller and passionate love story. A dynamic cocktail of physical theatre and performance poetry.

Inspired by the epic love poem Leili and Majnoun, HEART excavates obsession, madness and betrayal on a personal and global level. In the dark violence lingers, pleasure and desires move between the shadows. Set between Durham and Tehran, an Iranian woman, her English husband and her Syrian lover experience love in all its complexity against the backdrop of the 28 Mordad Coup d’Etat in 1953.

ZENDEH are offering a free 2-hour workshop, exploring the themes and issues in HEART but also enabling participants to exercise their own creativity, learn new skills and develop existing skills. Participants will have the opportunity to explore themes of betrayal, obsession, love, madness and political upheaval. All participants will be given support and encouragement by ZENDEH company members to create their own work using the medium of drama, movement and creative writing, and given opportunities to perform work in a supportive environment.

We aware that no group is the same and ZENDEH are happy to cater workshops for specific groups needs. We would aim to deliver two hour session but I am happy to discuss this further with you if you feel a different structure would be suitable for your group.
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ZENDEH is a Farsi word meaning ALIVE, our approach is to listen, breathe and transform. We value creative collaboration, sharing and the imagination.

The company was founded by Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh in 2004 and with support from the Scottish Arts Council launched public programme in 2005. In this year the company was awarded an Amnesty International Commendation. The company created partnerships and collaboration in Scotland and Iran, making new writing and new work. In 2007 the company moved to the North East of England. Building on the success of its time in Scotland developed its network and range of collaborators, commissioners and advisors with the support of Arts Council England.

ZENDEH recognises that each artist is diverse. ZENDEH seeks artistic quality by engaging with ideas of origins, inherited cultural identity, experiences of trans-nationals and the need for a diaspora to belong as well as simultaneously to be a nomad. The freedom to explore these ideas are our human right, it is what guides us through the global and local socio-political tides of change, enabling ZENDEH to make great art for everyone.

ZENDEH also collaborates with a broad range of local, national and international creatives, artists and organisations.