Opera della Luna’s The Gondoliers: the (last!) youth chorus diary


Although we’ve been working on The Gondoliers over a number of months, when adding up our time spent on this project – only three or four hours a week in the studio together – I find that what we’ve achieved still surprises me. The confidence that the company members have had in us, whether in our ability to pick up steps, retain musical direction, or stay true to the director’s vision, has truly outstripped anything I’ve experienced in the past. The youth chorus has truly lived up to those expectations; or, at least, we hope so! You’ll have to decide for yourselves on the night.

We hope you’ll be as surprised, enthralled and uplifted by Opera della Luna’s take on The Gondoliers as we have been during the creative process. This has been a rare and remarkable experience for us, and one we don’t wish to let go of anytime soon! We can only thank the brilliant Opera della Luna company for this opportunity, and express our gratitude for their taking the time out to drive remarkable distances across the country in order to lead our rehearsals!

To summarize, I’ve often found that it’s difficult to fathom the amount of work and love that goes into an Opera della Luna production, as each of their light operas have appeared so casually slick each time I’ve been lucky enough to catch one. It has been a phenomenal pleasure to witness the process from the other side of the proscenium and come to terms with the enthusiasm, inspiration and work (I’d say hard work, but every second has been a blast!) that is poured into every scene. We hope that the production goes down like a good wine – very easily, and with the same giddy-making effect. We hope you decide to come along to this lovingly-crafted take on one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s best loved light operas, and that it leaves you with feelings of pleasure!

– Caroline Lamb, Young Chorus Member

The Gondoliers runs until Saturday 24th. To book, please visit http://www.thelowry.com/event/the-gondoliers or call 0843 208 6000