Youth Dance Ambassador and CAT student Danielle shares her thoughts on BalletLORENT’s Rapunzel


Imagine sitting in the theatre waiting for Rapunzel with her golden locks to take to the stage in a classical ballet. However the darkness of a brothers Grimm fairy tale greets you with a mysterious shadow lurking in the corners. Brightness and vibrant light was brought to the stage when the laughter and smiles of the children shone through. The amazing Rapunzel from balletLORENT shocked everyone in the diverse audience, yet everyone was mesmerised.

Ballet LORENT Rapunzel opened doors and stretched the imagination of all the audience members, from the regular ballet viewers to people who have never seen dance in a theatre before. The audience members were all captivated from the very beginning and many audience members said that after watching Rapunzel that would love to go to watch another dance show at the Lowry.

Rapunzel also allowed the chance for local young people to be involved and perform in the show. Annabelle Pollitt-Walmsley, aged 11, who was involved in Ballet LORENT Rapunzel said, “It was a new challenge and it was an amazing experience that allowed me to learn many new skills and work with professionals.” When the children came onto the stage the natural laughter and smiles light up the stage and broke up the darkness of the story. It also showed the extreme contrast between Rapunzel being locked up in the tower and the freedom of the children in the joyful town while the dark and light contrasted good and evil.


The narration in the show helped to make it more accessible and helped a wider range of audience to understand. The shadows cast by the witch and Rapunzel onto the back wall made the room silent and showed the sinister fairytale. The shadows loomed long after the dancers had moved and they left everybody thinking.

Rapunzel was amazing and breathtaking , the children danced  and played around the maypole, the witches shadow and whips cracked, Rapunzel swung from her locks on the tree and everybody was mesmerised.