Our restaurant manager, Mike Lee, introduces our new summer menu

This week we’ve launched our Summer Menu which will be with us through our incredibly busy summer season. With shows like Showboat and War Horse plus the Salford University Graduations, our chefs have to consider carefully the dishes they chose. They have to consider the sheer volume of customers dining in a 2 hour period and balance this the quality and creativity we strive for.

Having tasted all of the new dishes (one of the best parts about my job) I think they’ve done this incredibly well.

To start we have extremely flavoursome smoked salmon with a zingy horseradish pana cotta which is well balanced with earthy beetroot and lentils or a full flavoured pea soup, with all the freshness of this wonderfully versatile vegetable matched with crème fraiche.

Our main courses example some of the best in summer flavours with plenty of green asparagus, broad beans and pea with a delicate sea bass and light crushed potatoes. Our chefs have matched chicken breast with earthy mushrooms in a rich fricassée and used summer cabbage to balance the dish. The winner from the main courses for me would be our Sweet potato cake, poached egg, mushroom fricassée and tarragon sauce. The incredible sweetness from the potato is so well harmonised with the tarragon sauce and a perfectly poached egg on top, I could eat it again and again.

To finish my journey through our Summer Menu, our desserts. Chewy meringue with beautiful balsamic strawberries – just a hint of zing to balance with the cream and marshmallow, this dish exudes summer. If that doesn’t take your fancy, try our nutty apricot tart with pistachio ice cream, an unusual combination that works so well as a way to finish lunch at The Lowry Restaurant. If you can’t decide, of course, you could always try our dessert plate for a bit of all three!

Our Summer Menu runs from 2 June – 21 September.