Auditions announced for Commotions! Boys dance company


On Sunday 22 June The Lowry will be holding its annual audition for new members of Salford’s dance company Commotions! From September we will be introducing a boys specific side to the company, Commotions Boys, which sits alongside the existing mixed company, Commotions Youth Dance. The boys dance company is being developed as part of a legacy programme of work following a hugely successful boys project in partnership with Re: Bourne and New Adventures to produce the acclaimed touring show Lord of the Flies. This is an exciting area of work for The Lowry as we are committed in the next few years to strength and develop provision for boys with a range of national and regional partners. There will be more exciting projects and schemes developing as we seek to grow and sustain both training and work opportunities for young dancers in the region. We have already begun to see some successes in future dance talent with a member of the local  community Lord of the Flies cast, Malachi Simmons, successfully gain professional employment in an exciting new community project brought to us by Dance Touring Partnership and Boy Blue Productions. The project is in respect of their forthcoming production at The Lowry in November of The Five and the Prophecy of Prana. If you are interested in joining a growing pool of dance talent at The Lowry please come to the Youth Company audition. The audition is open to young people aged 11-19 for the Commotions Youth Dance or 11-25 for Commotions Boys with an interest or talent in dance.  More information can be found on The Lowry website and for other opportunities in dance in the region please go to