Working with The Lowry: Laura Mugridge, Theatre Maker, Comedian & Writer

Tony & Mike Ben Blackall 2

I first performed at the Lowry when I bought my show ‘Running on Air’ here in 2011. This show was performed to
five audience members at once in my 1978 VW campervan. I was parked right outside the entrance in extremely high winds in September but d espite the extreme weather conditions the audiences I had in there were lovely, shaking maracas made of jam jars and lentils and dancing stylishly to Fleetwood Mac.


This time they’re actually letting me in the building!

I co-created a show for families in 2013 called Tony and Mike, and we were one of the ‘Developed With’ companies for that year. The Lowry have always been very supportive of my work and have always received me with a nice smile and a nice northern accent (crucial to being a nice person I always think….)  We opened that show (‘we’ being myself and theatre maker Tom Frankland) in September last year to two sold out houses and it was amazing! We had such a great time,, despite being so nervous to perform the show for the first time that we knocked 10 minutes of the running time due to extreme speed in line delivery. The children we met were lovely and both Tom and I (and Tony and Mike of course) were excited to come back again. This time, Mike has asked for Nutella and a sound system (with GOOD SPEAKERS) in his dressing room. We are still waiting to hear the verdict on that one.

Although I get more lost in the building than most others, I always feel very welcome. This time might be a bit odd as my nearly life-size self is on billboards all over the place but I am going to try and ignore them. When the publicity photos were being taken for that poster image, I was very pregnant and so (little inside info here) that image is actually my head, my legs and a completely CGI body.  I’m normally against airbrushing, but not in this case.

Photos by Rachel Ferriman

Laura’s show, The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike is at The Lowry for one night only on Sat 14 June. Click here for info and tickets!