Working with The Lowry: Square Peg Theatre

The Final Countdown!Brochure Image

All of a sudden the count down to launch – the premiere of Icarus – has become days, not months. Very soon it will turn into hours, then minutes and before we have a moment to catch our breath, seconds.

Icarus deals with a similar concept – the impending count down – as our protagonist, Anna Harrison, prepares to leave Earth forever on a one-way mission to Mars. The very notion of a countdown implies that there is something inescapable about it’s zero-hour – the moment when it all begins.

Anna is venturing into the unknown and no amount of training could prepare her for a life on Mars. And – without being overly dramatic – so are we. Making a new piece of theatre is both thrilling and terrifying. As you make your way through the pitfalls and eureka moments, the dead ends and discoveries, slowly something of worth, you hope, begins to emerge. Like a sculptor chipping away at a rock – you have a vague idea of what should be beneath the stone, but until the audience takes their place and the lights dim, you have no idea what it is. No amount of training or practice can prepare you for that moment of blast off.

Many people have described the Mars One project as a suicide mission, but that can’t be why 200,000 people have applied to go. For the budding applicants, and for Anna – our hero – the mission isn’t the end, it is the start of something greater, a new adventure. A new beginning. As we make the final touches to the show we know that this isn’t the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new one.

tumblr_inline_n7dy6eFROF1s6vyi3We’re looking forward to where it leads – what happens when our thoughts and words meet with the audience for the first time. Sometimes that’s the most exciting – and terrifying – journey of them all. Hope to see you there.

Get tickets for Icarus Thu 3 July – Fri 4 July.