Two Spirits Community Event: the Salford Sioux

Have you heard of the Salford Sioux?Two Spirits image[1] copy

Would you like to know more about them?

Do you have your own story to share?

In 1887, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show came to Salford. For six months one hundred Sioux Warriors pitched their Tepees on the banks of the River Irwell.

Come along to the Lowry Studio and take part in this community discussion led by playwright Chris Hoyle and Salford Councillor, Stephen Coen.

Steve, will talk about his extensive research into the Salford Sioux, which is helping to shape the story and development of Chris’s play, Two Spirits.

Strange though it may seem today, hundreds of Oglala Sioux Indians – depicted in the 1990 film ‘Dances with Wolves’ – once settled, for six months, in their teepees on the cold and damp banks of the Irwell during the winter of 1887-88!

The campers (who have links to a modern-day Native American reservation in South Dakota, USA) were all members of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Circus, where they recreated classic gunslinging scenes from the wild west with their ‘cowboy’ counterparts. The show was so popular in Salford that it took a break from its world tour to stay longer in the city.

After 6′ 7″ warrior ‘Surrounded’ died of a chest infection, in his teepee on Salford Quays, his body was taken to Hope Hospital. According to Brompton Cemetery (London) records, he was buried on 15 December 1887 next to his fellow Lakota warrior, Paul Eagle Star.

Playwright Chris Hoyle says his piece deals with a number of poignant issues which are as relevant today as they were back in 1887.

“The story touches on immigration and acceptance and people forget some of the American Indians didn’t return home and made Manchester and Salford their home.”

If you have a story to share about the Salford Sioux we would greatly encourage you to come along and share.

This is a free event, although donations towards the Salford Totem Pole project will be kindly appreciated.

The Two Spirits Community Event will be in the Studio: 21 July 6.30pm.