My Work Experience With The Lowry: Holly Wren

My week with The Lowry: Holly Wrenholly

This week I came from Flixton Girls School to do work experience at The Lowry in the marketing department. I chose The Lowry because it seemed fun and interesting, and I thought it had to be better than working at a primary school or nursing home. My work experience was in the marketing and communications department but I got to see a bit of what other departments do too and I can definitely say I had the best work experience placement out of all of my friends.

I have done a wide variety of different things from researching Edinburgh Fringe, writing blog posts, to going to see a dress rehearsal of Icarus. When I arrived on the 30th I had no idea what the Edinburgh Fringe was and now I’m contemplating going next year as a volunteer. I have also been on a tour around the theatre spaces, and even a tour back stage.

The most challenging thing I had to do was to write press release. I had to write about the 5 big shows this September and I’m not one to like having people look at what I’ve written let alone the press. However, it was really fun to be able to write up about the shows and in the end I did a good job. I was surprised at how much work went in to promoting plays and productions and everything that takes place off stage in a theatre venue. I honestly did not know what to expect from my time at The Lowry but I now realise the large amount of work that goes into making sure the website is updated every week, getting exhibitions ready and even advertising.

My favourite part about the whole experience would have to be the tour backstage, which was by far the most memorable part of my week. I was shown around the whole building, from under the Quays theatre to see how the floor works, to the fly grid at the top of the Lyric theatre (very high up!) just under the roof. It was absolutely terrifying up there and I think I had a miniature heart attack but I would do it again any day!

After working at The Lowry for a week my plans for the future have changed. When I first arrived I wanted to do something involving textiles, but after working at The Lowry I think I definitely want to work back stage somewhere in the theatre business. My week at The Lowry has helped me decide what I really want to do when I leave school, and that’s work somewhere back stage in theatre, whether that but in costume department somewhere or marketing department it’s a fun and interesting working in theatre, seeing all the different varieties of show’s and galleries. I have loved every moment of my time at The Lowry.