The Lowry Studio at Fringe 2: This time it’s personal

About this time last year, we published a hit list of shows from some of our favourite companies who were going to be at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, followed by some the super reviews our Studio friends were getting from their Fringe shows.

This year, The Lowry Blog is INCREDIBLY excited to be following our Studio artists up to Scotland to spend THREE WEEKS soaking up culture, catching up with companies we love and giving you guys a tantalising peek at all the exciting work to come in the next few months!

We will be tweeting (#LowryAtFringe) and blogging about the companies we know, some of the shows lined up for the new season, and some companies that we have yet to discover (but which are totally amazing!)

Prepare to be #unbored

So, Who’s Up?

The Lowry’s Associate Artists Theatre Ad Infinitum will present the World premiere of ‘Light’ at The Pleasance Dome.

Light1 (1)Multi award-winning Ad Infinitum (Ballad of the Burning Star, Translunar Paradise, Odyssey) presents a dystopian future inspired by Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations where implants connect brains to cyberspace and governments secretly infiltrate citizens’ minds. Intense darkness, torchlight, graphic novel/anime inspired visuals, physical storytelling, and a stunning soundscape fuse to tell a story of love, betrayal, and technological power. Stage Award winners 2009 and 2013. The Guardian’s Best of the Edinburgh Fringe 2013. Argus Angel Award winners 2011-12. ‘Superb’ ***** (Scotsman). ‘A theatrical hand grenade’ **** (Guardian).

Watch out for another of our Associate Artist companies, Kill The Beast, whose werewolf-detective-mystery He Had Hairy hands previewed to sold out audiences in the Studio in June. 

10409048_736745389702389_3033380005540521819_nThe year is 1974, the town is Hemlock-Under-Lye and when werewolf attacks threaten teatime, there’s only one person you can call… Having splattered the UK with critically acclaimed debut show The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, macabre comedy-knitters Kill the Beast return with a brand-new tale of supernatural slaughter. Combining beautiful visuals, original music, quite an important pigeon and several different hats, He Had Hairy Hands will take you on a dark, tangled journey through an exceptionally horrifying mystery. ‘A scorchingly talented company’ **** (TimeOut). ‘Wickedly clever’ ***** ( ‘Bitingly funny’ **** (Fest).

Square Peg Theatre premiered their Developed With The Lowry play Icarus in July and now they’re taking it up to try it out on Edinburgh Fringe audiences!

tumblr_inline_n73nqmz3TJ1s6vyi3In 2010 the Mars One Foundation set out their plans to establish a human settlement on the red planet by the year 2024. They received over 250,000 applicants for the one-way mission. Inspired by real events, Icarus explores our desire to reach for the stars and the consequences of our failure. In a story of hope, ambition and legacy, Square Peg Theatre ask what would drive someone to leave Earth forever. Developed in association with The Lowry and Harrogate Theatre, and supported by The Unity and Slung Low’s HUB. ‘Square Peg will take your breath away’ (


Prelude To A Number by Geddes Loom was supported by The Lowry and performed here on Valentine’s day this year. If you missed it, you can catch it at new Northern Stage venue King’s Hall.

5 Geddes Loom (strip triptych)Tessa needs to find a way of holding her life together. Leon is searching for the secret that can bring him both wealth and happiness. And somewhere a maths teacher is wondering about the divine proportions of a drum break that beats through his life. With live-looped music, spoken word and storytelling, Geddes Loom present a show about humans, maths and meaning. The show won our 2014 Routes North commission, offered in partnership with ARC Stockton and Theatre In The Mill Bradford, and was created in collaboration with Leo Kay of Unfinished Business


Tony and Mike was The Lowry’s first Developed With show for familes. Created by Tom Frankland and Laura Mugridge, it premiered (and sold out!) at The Lowry in 2013, and is set to delight audiences of all ages once again at Summer Hall this year.

Logo design for 'Tony and Mike' Children's theatre show

Tony the Owl lives in the countryside. He’s really happy until Joe and Charlotte move from the city and ruin his peace and quiet. To make matters worse, they’ve brought Mike the squirrel with them. He’s loud, cheeky and he likes to party!

A new story from Fringe First Award winners, inspired by the Tale of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. This show for 3-7 year old audiences was one of the highlights of last year’s Developed With The Lowry programme – if you missed it at The Lowry Studio or out on tour, you missed a treat!


Alongside the artists we’ve been working closely with are a few shows that are programmed into our Autmn/Winter season at The Studio, that we’ll be checking out ahead of their peformances at The Lowry.



Chewing The Fat by Selina Thompson will be at The Lowry on Fri 7 November.

We’ll be catching it at Northern Stage’s King’s Hall venue during the festival.

Blind image

Blind by Paper Birds is at The Lowry on Thu 13 November

We’ll be catching it at The Pleasance Courtyard


Woyzeck by Splendid Productions is at The Lowry on Wed 19 November

We’ll be catching it at The Gilded Balloon