Lowry Young Actors Company Triumph with Lord of the Flies by William Golding  

Lord of The Flies pic 2

It is 50 years since William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies and following the success of Matthew Bourne’s dance production at The Lowry in April the region was given the opportunity to experience the play performed by Lowry Young Actors Company last week.

The eleven strong company performed to packed or sold out shows each night. The story centres around a group of boys stranded on a remote island following a plane crash.  With no adults to manage the situation, they have to establish order amongst themselves. What we see unfolding is a power struggle between two lead boys Ralph (played by Sam Retford) and Jack (played by Lenny Turner) and the battle to remain civilised.

Every member of the cast gave a strong performance, impressive for their age with passion and commitment and as the run continued their performances grew.

“ If The Lowry’s up and coming teenage actors can already work at this level there is a chance that the next generation of British acting talent will be telling journalists interviewing them: “When I started out at The Lowry….” Clare Cunningham Salford Online

The set and lighting were simply but effective and a whole island was created on stage, from the beach to the jungle and a mountain. There were fantastic and realistic special effects for the fire and a very scary and gruesome pigs head took centre stage. The Director, Reuben Johnson’s vision for the play in both casting and set made for an exciting and moving piece of theatre which enabled Lowry Young Actors to shine.