Here’s One We Made Earlier at The Lowry – a review by Alfie Moulson (age 10)


I went to The Lowry last Thursday to see the preview of Here’s One We Made Earlier, an exhibition celebrating BBC Children’s broadcasting. The exhibition is a collaboration between the BBC and The Lowry and there were speeches from Joe Godwin who is the current boss of BBC Children’s and Julia Fawcett who is the chief executive of The Lowry. They talked about working together and the history of BBC radio and TV for kids and what they hoped to make in the future.


The exhibition tells the story of broadcasting for children in the UK from the first radio show to the newest multimedia projects. There is a big section on Blue Peter which tells you about the different presenters there have been on the show and the stuff they’ve done. I think there were some Blue Peter presenters there too. And also some Blue Peter badge winners. There is lots of information about old shows that I hadn’t heard of, shows that my mum & dad might have watched or even my grandma. There are also some interesting things which they used to use for the shows. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what they are!


There are all kinds of shows there: Entertainment, news, documentary, drama, animation etc. The BBC said that they wanted the same types & quality of shows for children that adults get to watch. There’s also a room filled with puppets which is cool. Another cool thing is wallpaper which displays BBC shows. You can listen and watch clips as you move around the different areas.

I think Here’s One We Made Earlier appeals to grown-ups and kids alike as it covers more than 90 years of programmes for children!