Backstage at The Lowry: Sarah Din – Management Accountant


This will sound a little sad to someone that doesn’t appreciate them, but I do like a good spreadsheet.

It’s just satisfying, when you put something together and it balances and you can go: “Yes! Get in there!”

It’s just enjoyable to see that you can get a concrete, accurate result. There’s no grey, it’s all there in black and white and I quite like that.

I number-crunch for various departments within The Lowry. I check budgets on a monthly basis, making sure all their costs are aligned. I make sure no-one overspends or gets too excited with their money!

I will have worked here for three years, come November. I have worked in accountancy since I graduated in 2004, from Manchester Metropolitan with a degree in Accounting and Finance. I then did my professional exams for CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. I did an accountancy A-level.

“I’d love to open a cake shop, a little teahouse surrounded by my cakes…”

I originally wanted to be a pharmacist, and I did chemistry, biology and accountancy as my three A-levels. But I hated the sciences and enjoyed the numbers, so that was the turning point!

I was always good at maths at school – my best friend would always copy my homework, because I suppose there’s always someone you can copy off! Looking back, I don’t know why I still wanted to pursue pharmacy when I knew maths was my strong point.

I’ll hopefully soon have a few letters after my name. I sent my log book off on Monday so providing that passes, which is the final bit of my professional qualification, then I will have ACMA after my surname!

Before I started here I worked at another charity called Rathbone, which is based in Manchester city centre. There, I worked with young children, getting them either into full-time education or apprenticeships and employment. I was there for three-and-a-half years.

I enjoy working for a charity – I just feel I’m doing a lot more for the community and for the people I work with, as opposed to working for a big corporation and being a small cog in a big machine.

It’s particularly important to balance the books at a charity, given that you’re working for a specific purpose and you have very set criteria within which you can spend. You have to be a lot more careful.

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Prior to joining The Lowry, Sarah worked at charity Rathbone

I wasn’t into theatre much before I started here, if I’m honest. But now I am. I’ve had a lot more exposure to it. I enjoyed War Horse which was, it goes without saying, really good. I always go to the Christmas shows, which are amazing. And I watched Omid Djalili, the Iranian comedian, when he was here. I try to go to as many shows as I can.

I’m Muslim, and though I don’t go to prayers on a Friday as there’s nowhere close to here to go, but I know that if I wanted to pray throughout the course of the day then HR are very accommodating. Ramadan’s fasts are so long The Lowry didn’t need to do anything, but they would help I’m sure if needed, with Eid as well. They’re really good.

Outside of work I do go to the gym a lot – four to five times a week. I’m on an Abs Mission – my whole department knows about my Abs Mission! It’s going well, although it’s very hard work. I do sneak a chocolate in every now and again…

I’m happy and contented working in accountancy. The Lowry is a lovely place to work and I’d like to be here for a long as I can. I expect to stay in finance for the foreseeable future, but long-term I’d love to open a cake shop!

I’d love to open a cake shop, a little teahouse surrounded by my cakes.

I’ve got a brother who wants me to come and live near him in Dubai, but not yet. Manchester’s home. A cake shop in Dubai is a possibility, so we’ll see! But right now, accountancy’s serving me well.