Something For The Weekend: Fri 3 – Sun 5 October

1. Rock n’ Roll n’ Rambert

Like having a good old boogie? Like watching others doing the same? And like the tunes of iconic rock musicians The Rolling Stones?

Well, the arrival of Rambert had us all buzzing this week.

As one of our partner companies and one of the very best purveyors of contemporary dance in the country, we’re thrilled to have played host to Rambert, particularly as they brought with them a revival of iconic dance Rooster.

Rooster, full of cocksure men and grinding rock n’ roll, is a colourful dance adventure which appeals to a mass audience, something which Rambert artistic director Mark Baldwin was particularly keen to emphasise when he spoke to The Lowry earlier in the week.

“Quite a lot of contemporary dance can be kind of worthy,” Baldwin told us. “But Rooster is so buoyant. It’s a lot of fun, which is such a lovely breath of fresh air.”

If you came to see Rambert we hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy reaction to it on social media. But if you missed out, Rambert are on a nationwide tour – see if they’re coming to a theatre near you, and grab a ticket if you can.


2. Happy Hogleteer

A big congratulations to Sarah Bird of West Yorkshire who participated in our The Hedgehog and Her Hoglet competition, and came away the winner!

A big fan of the ferret (how Yorkshire is that?), Sarah jumped at the chance to submit her entry. A “hoglet” is a baby hedgehog, so we wanted to hear from you other unusual names of baby animals. None were better than Sarah’s facts, that a baby ferret is a “kit” and that a group of ferrets is a “business”! Well done Sarah, the paperback is yours.

The Hedgehog and her Hoglet, written for pre-school children, tells the tale of a hedgehog who ‘turns grey’ after becoming a mum until her child, the hoglet, takes her on an adventure to regain her colour. The book explores the special two-way relationship between parent and child, which was the theme chosen by the group of young parents involved in the project.

The Lowry have worked in partnership with Salford City Council to deliver this book.

Hoglet was made possible by the much appreciated donations from the public to The Lowry’s Christmas Appeal 2013 which raised £25,000. We are very proud of the fantastic achievements of these young people and are extremely grateful to our supporters for enabling this project to become a success!

You can buy a copy from the Lowry Shop, and we’re urging you please to review it on Amazon, to help make it a real success. Thank you.

Ordsall Hall - Grade I listed building

3. Inside gossip from the 1660s

Travel back in time this Sunday inside the Great Hall of Ordsall Hall.

More specifically, meet with one of the servants while she explains her job, tells you about life in the 17th century, and spills the beans on the goings-on above stairs and below inside the Hall.

It’s all part of Ordsall Alive!, a council-run initiative targeted at children in Key Stage One and Two and led by an experienced costumed facilitators, bringing the history of our great city to life.

A great experience for inquisitive children, a Key Stage One child should by the end of the visit have met and interacted with characters from Tudor times, have learned about Tudor homes, have played with Tudor toys and be able to identify differences between ways of life at different times.

This Sunday’s special event – In My Lady’s Chamber – takes place over two hours between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at Ordsall Hall Museum, 322 Ordsall Lane, Ordsall, Salford M5 3AN.