Backstage at The Lowry: Charles Ssemuyaba – IT Support Analyst


I’m not your typical tekkie, but I do have an IT Crowd screensaver.

It’s Moss, though I’m not like him at all! I’d love to have his hair, but it takes dedication. This, now, is about as long as it gets.

But I don’t like to be stuck behind the desk not seeing anybody. I really do enjoy the support side of my role, helping people and passing on my technical knowledge in a friendly manner.

I look after all the IT within The Lowry – I manage everyone’s needs, all the staff.

That could be anything from plugging a cable in, to giving someone wifi access, to other unique needs and general advice.

“To work here you have to be a true team player, and to care about the cause of The Lowry…”

My last job was at a company in Wimbledon, south London. I moved to The Lowry three months ago.

This job is so much more fun, across all aspects. Before, I just sat behind my desk in an office.

But now, in this role, I meet people who work all across the building and from all walks of life. I love that side of my work, meeting new people and helping them out.

I moved to Greater Manchester for many reasons, but the main reason was to be closer to family.

Plus, I wanted a change – where I were living in London meant I just couldn’t get on the property ladder. I’d have had to have been earning millions!

I was drawn to Manchester because of my football team, but so much good happens in the city. It’s true about all sorts of areas in the North of England. When you’re in London you’re in a bit of a bubble, aren’t you? Things that happen elsewhere go unnoticed.

But when you head out, and I went to university in Hull, you realise there’s so much more to our country than just London.

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Charles isn’t like Moss from IT Crowd, but envies his hair…

Manchester United are a work in progress at the moment. We need to sign any world-class defender. That’s the number one priority, and that will then change everything. I’ve faith in Louis van Gaal. He’ll get us into the top four.

To work here you have to be a true team player, and to care about the cause of The Lowry.

You could come in and just do a job but to be honest I think you’ll give more than 100% if you’re dedicated to the cause.

Thinking about it, I hope that I got the job here because my character fits within The Lowry. I imagine that anybody can get technical skills – it’s about finding the right person.

I’ve found that more generally within this organisation. I see the right people in the right jobs.

Even on my induction training that people came to talk to me about their departments or their areas, and they were all proud to work here.

People generally seem happy to come into the work, not dragging their feet, and add to the cause that is The Lowry.