Hammer, nails, saw… building Akram Khan


Akram Khan: One Side to the Other is the latest in our Performer as Curator series.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 15 November with a special performance element taking place on Saturdays only. Places are extremely limited so booking in advance is advised. Sunday-Friday, the exhibition will be open as normal.

The installation of One Side to the Other requires much of our Galleries space to be radically redesigned, to accommodate works from Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Nadav Kander and more. The work to convert our free-to-visit Galleries is already at an advanced stage.

Emily Tan, Curator (Special Exhibitions) at The Lowry, blogs throughout the week on the latest developments from within our Galleries.

Monday 20 October

“All traces of Here’s One We Made Earlier have been erased from the Galleries.

“The preparation for One Side to the Other continues with several walls and rooms being built by our joiners to create intimate and unusual spaces for visitors and artworks.

“We’ve started painting the galleries in an atmospheric dark shade of paint as well as repainting walls in ‘Lowry Red’ ready for LS Lowry’s paintings to be rehung…”

Tuesday 21 October

“The engineers are on site today to install the specially made steel support for an Antony Gormley sculpture.

“They have to drill some holes in the concrete floor, so hopefully it won’t be too noisy!IMG_8958

“The painting and building continues with walls and hidden doorways created. We’ve also opened up some parts of the gallery that haven’t been seen for a while…”

Wednesday 22 October

“The Galleries technicians welcome the Stage Technical team into the galleries today.

“They are helping us to install an extra power supply for the stage lights and sound equipment that will bring elements of the stage into the galleries.”

Thursday 23 October

“The structural engineer is on site today to inspect for rigging points for possible aerial performance as we want the performance to be as exciting as possible.

“Work with the Stage Technical team continues as we install the lights and sound equipment as well as a few theatrical surprises.”

Friday 24 October

“Work with the Stage Technical team continues as we start to install some props/staging from Akram Khan shows.

“The Galleries technicians make preparations to start installing artworks next week and we’re also preparing to welcome the performers and co-director on site next week to start rehearsing for the gallery performance.

“We’ve also found time to hang some LS Lowry works so that there are even more Lowry paintings on display for the weekend!”

Performer as Curator, Akram Khan: One Side to the Other runs from Sat 15 Nov-Sun 1 Feb. Entry is free, but donations are welcomed.