It’s the end of the Year for SingItSalford

Sing It Salford

This week marks the end of the year for the SingItSalford project at the Lowry, a weekly vocal and song writing project which was created for young people aged 13-18 who have a passion and interest in music. Over the past year the project has given young people the opportunity to develop not only their vocal skills but also provided a space for them to create and write their own material.

The group has worked collaboratively over the year with the young people taking the lead on deciding what to learn, develop and explore. They have focused on a variety of musical areas including song writing, singing, spoken word and beatboxing, with a number of members also learning to play the guitar and banjo! The group have also taken part in a number of masterclass sessions working with visiting musicians and artists, including The National Theatre’s ‘Song Man’ from War Horse, Bob Fox.

Performance skills has also been top of the agenda with the group performing at different showcase events throughout the year at the Lowry, including the Family Centenary event, where the group premiered three new songs inspired by a trip to Salford Museum & Art Gallery’s ‘100 Years Ago: Salford At War’ exhibition which explores the First World War experience of a range of Salfordians.

You can find more information about opportunities for young people at the Lowry on our website