Grim Tales from up North

On 24th & 25th Novemdark out side - hansel and gretel-03ber emerging performers aged 14-19 from the Lowry Young Actors Company performed a brand new production of Grime in The Lowry’s Aldridge Studio Theatre. For some of the young people involved it was their stage debut, though they performed with the confidence, precision and awareness of experienced performers. The play was written and directed by Reuben Johnson and was inspired by the original Grimm Tales. The final show was a collection of 3 short tales set in modern day Salford.

The ensemble cast were involved in all areas of the production, from stage management to developing the live music, making creative decisions and gaining valuable hands on experience. The use of music was a particularly effective tool as the talented young artists used live guitar, songs, spoken word and DJing to underscore and link all 3 pieces.
The Lowry Young Actors Company is made up of members from across the North West with a high percentage being from Salford. To check out their next production please visit