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Crucial Funding Enables Artists to Develop at The Lowry

Kate Stanley – co-Artistic Director, Idle Motion talks to us about how crucial funding from charitable bodies and support from The Lowry’s artist development programme has enabled them to develop their work.

When we started Idle Motion in 2007 we were simply a group of friends who enjoyed making theatre together. Over the years we have had to continuously learn ‘on the job’ about how to make work and how to tour it as well. This has been an incredible way to learn, but at times it can be limiting and with increasing concerns about funding we are keen to find new solutions to sustain the company.

So we were thrilled when we were given a grant through The Lowry Studio’s artist development programme, funded by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, to focus on the personal development of Idle Motion. The key areas we pinpointed as needing advice on were fundraising, international tour booking, the process of becoming a charity and the use of video projection. They’re all very different areas but by splitting the grant up we were able to have consultations, training and establish mentors in these 4 areas with leading experts in their fields. They will help us to not only develop as artists and producers but will also enable us to look at diversifying the ways that we fundraise for the company in the long term, with more wide reaching international touring, a more informed fundraising plan of attack and the crucial guidance that’s needed to become a charity.

These sessions have been invaluable to us as a company, challenging us as producers to ensure we keep pushing ourselves and the company. When you are a producer and an artistic director it can be difficult to separate concrete time for each of these roles and we are hugely grateful to The Lowry, Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for enabling us time and resources to dedicate to the longevity of Idle Motion.

The Lowry Studio is generously supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Idle Motion are Associate Artists of The Lowry and will be performing Shooting With Light in The Aldridge Studio from Wed 22-Fri 24 April 2015.

Picture of a person stood in a window with special effects

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