Students ‘Inspired to Work’ through Pop-up Coffee Shop Experience at The Lowry.

The Skills & Work Programme at The Lowry has been developing an exciting opportunity with a group of ten students from Melland High School. In conjunction with the school’s ‘Inspired to Work’ programme, the group worked towards opening their own ‘Pop-up Coffee Shop’ at the Salford venue over the past 6 weeks.

The enterprise styled programme was spread across six mornings of focused intervention which was a healthy balance between class room styled input and practical team work and learning.


James Scanlon, age 16 from Melland High School, makes coffee with Mike Lee, Restaurant and Food Services Manager, at The Lowry.

Discussing, learning and implementing ideas from a range of subjects that focused on customer service, marketing, branding, and coffee-making, the students worked towards the end goal of opening a ‘Pop-up Coffee Shop’. The group were also introduced to the general principles of running a business, including health and safety and risk assessments.

The ‘Pop-up Coffee Shop’ was a huge success as the group confidently interacted with a consistent flow of customers. They delivered every order to a high standard both in terms of the drinks and cakes they served, right through to the courtesy of their customer service.


Students from Melland High School get acquainted with The Restaurant at The Lowry.

Through the Skills & Work programme at The Lowry, the students learnt a whole range of skills necessary to achieve employment. They demonstrated high levels of interpersonal skills, team working, and each participant developed confidence and self-esteem in a workplace environment.

The Lowry’s Skills & Work Programme supports targeted young people to develop life skills and employability skills through a range of opportunities with a view to supporting them back into education or towards employment.