Guest Blog: Manchester based Benedict Power on new production, Spring Reign.

Manchester based Director and Producer Benedict Power tells us more about Spring Reign in this Guest Blog. Spring Reign comes to The Studio at The Lowry Tue 19 – Wed 20 May.

Rehearsal shots of Spring Reign
Rehearsal shots of Spring Reign

Now well into the final phase of rehearsals for Spring Reign, I still ask myself if we can ever truly reflect the suffering of the Syrian people with our work – a play. The answer is always going to be no. We couldn’t ever come close, but it doesn’t change the fact that their story needs to be told.

Watching rehearsals develop and seeing the team give life and love and breath and words and ideas, to the small family in Aleppo through which we tell our story, I feel privileged to at least be in a position to have tried.

Garth, one of the cast, said in his blog a few days ago how strong the team on this project is, and he’s right. The work has attracted the efforts of a fantastic team of passionate, dedicated and skilled people, truly determined to bring the best work we can to the stage.

Why make it?

Sadly, the propaganda has been working, and the focus of the crisis has shifted to the horrors of ISIS, and whether the brutality of Assad is simply a legitimate government dealing with a terrorist insurgence. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the media coverage and the sheer scale of the problem in Syria and the wider Middle East, but the facts don’t change. Ordinary Syrian civilians, men, women and children, continue to be killed, injured and displaced, day in, day out, in catastrophic numbers.

Working with and meeting the Syrian community – doctors, aid workers and community leaders, who continue to speak up and take action, to help those affected by the crisis – learning of their struggle, and hearing their stories, is heart breaking, but also inspiring and uplifting. They continue to hope, to ask for freedom, for change and for peace.

If sharing this work and the discussion around it is a useful platform for these people then Spring Reign is a success. We hope you will join us in supporting them through this work and beyond.

Benedict Power – Director and Producer.