Remember how to Boogie? Salford Musical Theatre Company’s Mike Clarke takes us back in time.

Salford Musical Theatre Company (SMTC) are returning to the Quays theatre Wed 3 – Sat 6 June with the brilliant 1970’s inspired Boogie Nights. SMTC ‘s chairman Mike Clarke takes us back in time to remind us of the era of flares and disco, and invite’s audiences to Boogie Nights to dress up in 70s fashion, in this guest blog.

No mobile phones, No internet, No fashion sense and only three TV channels to choose from. Those of you who are old enough to remember the 1970s won’t need much of a reminder of how different things were growing up back then. Kids played out until dark, and if we wanted to chat with our friends we had to go and call for them. Only the lucky few had a phone at home, usually situated at the bottom of the stairs, with a parent watching on constantly reminding you of how long you had been on the phone for.

Silver JubileeThe 1970s were tough times in Britain, the early part of the decade saw the introduction of the three day working week, frequent power cuts and the mainstream philosophy was very much ‘make do and mend’, very different from today’s materialistic and consumerist society. Things started to look up in 1977, with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee encouraging a sense of community spirit, however August of the same year also saw the death of the King (of rock and roll) Elvis Presley.

This is where the story for Boogie Nights is set. Our hero Roddy is daydreaming about becoming a rock star, little knowing that his life of booze, birds and boogie is about to be turned upside down by Debs, his girlfriend. Deb’s has her own thoughts that Roddy is a selfish, unfeeling, heartless pig! This fantastic SMTC musical will be performed in the round so everyone in the audience can feel like they are part of the action. SMTC invite their audiences to dress up in 70s fashion, to do the bump and the hustle to some of the grooviest chart topping Disco hits of the 70s including You Sexy Thing’, Y.M.C.A., I Will Survive, In The Navy, Can You Feel The Force, I Love To Love and many, many more.

SMTC are a multi-award-winning company which started life in the 1950’s as a council funded project. Designed to encourage social participation in the arts, and originally called the Salford Amateur Operatic Society (S.A.O.S), they performed musicals at venues across Salford, including the Victoria Theatre and the Lancastrian Hall until 2001, when the venue was closed by the local authority.

In 2002 the society rebranded and became SMTC, our first production was “My Fair Lady” at the newly opened Quays Theatre, becoming the first amateur company to perform at The Lowry. SMTC are affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA), the leading representative body for amateur theatre in the UK, who actively encourage appreciation of the theatre arts by participants and audiences alike.

Mike Clarke
Salford Musical Theatre Company