Every Brilliant Thing | Rachael goes to Brighton Festival

Every Brilliant Thing | Brighton Festival 2015

Our marketing assistant Rachael tells us all about her trip down to Brighton Festival and one show in particular that, to be honest, she won’t stop banging on about…

*Disclaimer – there will be no evidence or example to back up opinion. It’s for your own good*

brighton-beach_1455335iThis past weekend I was down in my old university town of Brighton at the annual arts festival. Brighton Festival is a three-week long event in May that runs directly alongside Brighton Fringe, filling my beloved seaside town with theatre, comedy, music & live performance events across the entire city.

Often seen as a small-scale Edinburgh, both Fringe and Festival feature a combination of Edinburgh warm-up performances & shows that survived the Scottish Fringe the summer previous and are now embarking on a full-blown tour. One such production that had emerged from Edinburgh with unanimous critical acclaim was Every Brilliant Thing, a co-produced piece by Pentabus Theatre Company and Paines Plough (the national theatre of new writing).


Before heading down I sent a cheeky, not-technically-work-related email round the office asking if anybody had any recommendations for Brighton. Two recommended ‘Every Brilliant Thing’. Now with this show coming up to The Lowry on June 12th & 13th, I was in two minds. My time in Brighton was limited, with 48 hours to squeeze in as many shows as possible (& re-live my student days sinking over-priced ‘cheap’ cider), did I want to travel the length of the country to see something I could simply step out of the office door and watch only a few weeks later?

All I properly knew of the show was the copy featured in our brochure,A new play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love. When I tried to ask those who had seen it in Edinburgh what made it ‘the best show they’d seen that Fringe’, they said they couldn’t tell me, and that I had to experience it for myself.

Now, this blog post is going to seem all but redundant when I finish it by telling you exactly that  (*you were warned)- I can’t tell you anything about this show, you do just have to experience it for yourself. However there are two things I would stress to you about this show:

1. Please don’t let the word depression, for whatever reason, deter you from coming to see it. It is one of the most uplifting, and quiet frankly, life-changing pieces of entertainment (whether that be theatre, film or TV) I have seen. With the perfect combination of humour & heart-wrenching honesty, you leave the theatre in a better world than when you entered. You also laugh. You laugh an awful lot. (I also cried an awful lot, but I cry at the KFC advert on TV so that may say more about me than anything else).

11203106_10206851951881502_3986485138490038445_n 2. In this job, we see a lot of theatre. It’s easy when you sit in a dark room up to 4 nights a week, staring at a lit stage, to become slightly disengaged and unattached. It’s also very easy to start seeing theatre as a product and not as an experience – understandable really when we are paid to sell it. The performance by Jonny Donahoe, however, makes you forget your even in a performance at all. So there is no critical review, or opinion for the sake of having an opinion, its just outstandingly fab, brilliant even- and I’ll end this now before I ramble on any further.

Every Brilliant Thing will be performed in The Lowry Studio on Fri 12 & Sat 13 June at 8pm – Tickets £12 (£10)

Click here for more info.

Go see it.