Salford based theatre company Organised Chaos on open calls.

Salford based Organised Chaos will present Lightspeed in The Lowry’s Studio on Wed 17 & Thu 18 June. In this Guest Blog they introduce us to their approach on script writing, casting and what it means to be working with The Lowry.

Rehearsals for Lightspeed
Rehearsals for Lightspeed

We are thrilled to be bringing our latest production Lightspeed to The Lowry. Last year we had a record response to our script call and Lightspeed was selected. The play has been worked on since selection to hone it to the best it can be with the writer Clem Haran.

In selecting the play we felt that the characters were really there and the premise of the script in terms of starting at the end was especially unique and an interesting way to look at the unfolding relationship between this couple.

This isn’t a game Charlie. What’s their story? How did they get here? To here, this moment, in time? Told in reverse order this new play starts at the end and takes us back to the beginning when Charlie and Emma first met, falling in love quicker than the skyline falls to dust and tumbling hopelessly into a cycle of thoughts that aren’t said and actions without meaning.

At Organised Chaos we always put out open calls for all of the roles in our productions – this is a key part of who we are – we want to work with new and emerging talent to provide them with platforms to showcase their creativity and to bring this talent, in all its forms, to our audiences.

We started in 2009 with these aims in mind and it is always a thrill to work with talent in the early stages of their careers – some will come from the thriving Manchester Theatre scene whilst others come direct from university and many other places besides.

So earlier this year open calls went out and we have a brand new team working alongside the producing team of Organised Chaos. For Clem Haran, the writer, this will be her first play after university. Mark Croasdale who is directing the show has recently finished directing several newly written short plays on the Manchester Fringe for our Mid-Winter Ignition earlier this year at The Kings Arms and Scripts Out Loud for Hercules Productions at 3MT. Taran Knight stars as Charlie, he appeared in Temper at the 24:7 Theatre Festival and is currently appearing in the National Trusts award winning theatre project “Sanctuary from the Trenches”. Francesca Heraghty-Smith stars as Emma she has recently worked with Fourth Monkey Theatre Company as part of her training. This is a team of people who are at the very start of their careers – a fantastic chance to see some of the new talent of Manchester.

We are also thrilled to be able to say that we have been given funding from the Arts Council for this tour; this has enabled us to support all of those involved financially but also to help in reaching further audiences with the show.

We had a rehearsed reading last week and the audience response was amazing:

“This fantastic play is just extraordinary”

“I’ve not seen anything like this before”

“I really would love to see the whole thing again… loads of great moments”

“Really refreshing, new and different”

“To start at the end and end at the beginning is just genius”

Now well into rehearsals and with the show shaping up into fantastic shape we look forward, with thrilled anticipation, to bringing this brand new show to audiences across the North West and particularly to our home audience at The Lowry.