Tetris fever takes over The Lowry after Manchester Day Parade

The Lowry took part in the Manchester Day Parade at the weekend and has left our team in a state of excitement. Staff, Volunteers and members of the local community joined together for the parade, and all week we’ve been re-living our favourite moments from the day.

IMG_4513Our costumes and float were based on Tetris to fit the parades theme of ‘Game On,’ and over the last few weeks local community groups have been getting together in our classrooms to design, make & build costumes with the artist Hannah Bold. We’re sure you’ll agree that everyone looked fabulous!

Along with our impressive, bold & colourful Tetris shapes, the parade team choreographed a dance which would lead us from the start to the end of the route. Our epic dance moves can be seen in the M.E.N’s video of the day here (about 11 minutes in).

IMG_4675Manchester Day Parade was incredibly well organised and our favourite moments of the day include the roar of excitement on the starting line of the route with all entries lined up; realizing that we were all keeping in time with our dance moves; and watching our local young people who were involved jumping up and down with sheer delight.

IMG_4659For more pictures of The Lowry in Manchester Day Parade visit our flickr gallery.