Open call for Actors & Writers to work with Not Too Tame

Fancy being part of the Not Too Tame Team? Jimmy Fairhurst talks us through their latest production ‘Tuck Shop;’ open calls for Actors & Writers; and what its like to work in theatre in the North.

Image for blogHi, I’m Jimmy Fairhurst and along with my fellow mischief makers, we are Not Too Tame! We recently brought our production in a pub, Early Doors, to The Lowry and we’re made up to be coming back with our newest show, Tuckshop… and what’s even more special is that we want you to be a part of it! Now you’re interested, well keep reading…

Not Too Tame is an ensemble company of artists who are firmly founded on a belief of ‘Theatre For All’, focusing specifically on creating work that reaches out to those who feel the theatre is not a place for them. I formed the company in 2010 whilst in my second year of training at the RWCMD.  I wanted to build a company with a team of people who looked different, sounded different but who all felt the same about wanting to tell ‘true-to-life’ stories that celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, ask questions about how we should live and have a real sense of a belting night out (Well who doesn’t like a party?!) All things that I think are inherent in most people from the North West!

I love being Northern. I wear it like a badge of honour. In fact, If I was a whizz on the old sewing machine I’d make myself a Superman outfit with a big old ‘N’ instead of the ‘S’ and I’d be powered by Dandelion and Burdock!

I think that everyone should be proud of where they are from and who they are. That’s why when people ask ‘where are ‘Not Too Tame’ from?’ I have to say ‘everywhere’. Scots, Welsh, English (North, South East and West) all make up our team and we’re always working with new people from new places with some cracking accents!

To come home to the North West and put ‘Early Doors’ on in Salford was a real big deal to me. You’ve got to be proud of where you’re from….even if it is Warrington. We played the gorgeous Royal Oak in Eccles and had a great time meeting so many people from Greater Manchester and all over the North; Wigan, Warrington, Liverpool, St. Helens and Yorkshire. We’re now ecstatic to have been asked back to perform our ‘Tuckshop’ for the ‘Roundabout’ Season at The Lowry with Paines Plough.

‘Tuck Shop’ is a pick of new work from some of NTT’s favourite writers, with a mix of our trademark electric energy, blended to create a new writing night with a twist. Not Too Tame are always looking to connect with their audience and meet artists with a hunger for creating new work and a belief in theatre for all. To that end we’re opening up applications for Actors and Writers to have the opportunity to join our team for this special performance. An ensemble of 8-10 actors will perform a selection of brand new 1, 2 and 3 handers from some exciting new writers, and we’re looking for local performers to join us for this unique event. Now that’s what you call putting your money where your mouth is!

So if you fancy joining the unstoppable Not Too Tame and their ‘TuckShop’ at The Lowry for Paines Plough’s Roundabout Season, click here to go to our ‘TuckShop’ page for more info and our downloadable application.

Till then, much love and keep grafting,

Jimmy and NTT x

Deadlines for applications are as follows

Actors: Fri 17 July, 5pm.

Writers: Fri 14 August, 5pm.