Julia Higson: My Work Experience at The Lowry


My name is Julia Higson and from Mon 6 – Fri 10 July I did a work placement with the Learning and Engagement team at The Lowry.

Jonathan Poole and Sally Wyatt were my mentors and at first, it was really surreal being in an environment where everyone around you was so used being in an office. However the team were so welcoming and I didn’t feel out of place for long at all. The atmosphere was noticeably positive which is so inviting and comforting. I also wasn’t expecting that the staff would treat me as if I was an adult rather than a 15 year old.

Lowry CAT - Julia Higson blog

The tasks I was asked to do were actually benefiting The Lowry. By that I mean I was expecting to get lunches for the staff and brew up etc, rather than doing admin and databases. Considering at school I hate I.T, I actually enjoyed being on the computer and at no point did I get bored or have nothing to do. Sally was also really patient, helpful and positive with me due to the fact I was always asking questions!

Jonathan also gave me the chance to view multiple technical CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) classes. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and I actually dance for about 15 hours every week. Although contemporary dance never really interested me and I didn’t find it anything special, since watching some classes, I’ve learnt that the moves tell a story and are so intricate. It’s a complete contrast to what I’m used to. I’m not sure I would ever want to pursue contemporary dance, but it has definitely changed my opinion of the style.

The team have just made my placement here so comfortable, the room was so relaxed and informal and as I said I didn’t feel intrusive at all. So my overall experience was enjoyable, and it was so much better than I ever expected.

Thank you to The Lowry and the Learning and Engagement team for all your help and support.

Best wishes,