Day 1: A week of work experience at The Lowry

This week we’ll be posting a blog every day from Ellie Prime who recently did work experience with us. Read on to find out how it went.

Ellie - work experience

Day 1: My time at The Lowry – Ellie Prime

For the week beginning Mon 6 July I was lucky enough to do work experience at The Lowry. As a keen art and theatre studies a-level student, I was thrilled to be working at such a successful theatre which has put on West End Shows such as Wicked and War Horse. I was interested to get involved with the ‘real back stage’ by working with the communications, marketing and fundraising teams. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how the shows are promoted; from the art work used on posters to TV adverts and cast interviews. I was told on my first day that The Lowry is actually a charity and has to raise almost all is funding itself, something I never knew! Over the course of the week I learnt how this was possible and what methods The Lowry use. During the week I worked in the office with the Marketing Team; I joined the Front of House team (shadowing the Front of House Manager on a pre-show checklist) and also worked with the Gallery Team and spent time on Stage Door. I was able to sample many aspects of The Lowry and am extremely grateful for this opportunity. After meeting with many people

Meet the Marketing Team

Aimee (Senior Media Relations Executive) has worked at The Lowry for four years. Her main role is to promote the current and upcoming theatre shows through the press. Aimee has a lot of theatre shows to promote but works in-depth on some of the larger shows such as Wicked (on until Sat 25 July) and Gary Barlow’s new show, The Girls (Wed 13 – Sat 30 Jan 2016). Aimee promotes the theatre shows to The Lowry’s target audience in the most quirky and personal way possible. One of the major perks of The Lowry being located just a stroll away from MediaCityUK is that it makes it really easy for the BBC or ITV to pop over and do a quick interview with a cast member. These types of interviews would be shown in a three-minute slot at the end of the local news, attracting local audiences. I learnt how recently, Aimee organised filming for a journalist to stand inside Glinda’s (character from Wicked) bubble which was then flown across the stage. This generated a funny and eye-catching story for the press, which was totally free!

Tori (Digital Executive) manages all things social media and digital, she has been working at The Lowry for one year. Currently, Tori is focussing on The Lowry Social Media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube etc. which she regularly updates with interesting content such as trailers and articles. The Lowry’s social media accounts are also shared around the elected ‘Social Media peeps’ in different departments to share the workload and to give followers different angles and get them more involved with the broader Lowry picture. Alongside the digital team Tori is working on the huge relaunch of The Lowry’s website, making it more accessible and mobile friendly. One of my favourite things Tori created was a digital version of the ‘What’s on at The Lowry’ brochure. This includes short clips of the upcoming theatre shows, easy access links to the booking website and also has an option to ‘share with a friend!’

Trev (Head of Communications) has been at the Lowry for 19 months and manages raising the profile of The Lowry and promote, not events, but the Lowry itself through corporate communications and with the local council. Trev also keeps all the Lowry staff in the loop of all the updates and progress The Lowry is making. He does this through a staff newsletter which is produced one every other month. He also raises the profile of The Lowry’s ticket retailer called Quaytickets through entering it into business awards etc. Trev is also in charge of constantly promoting the LS Lowry exhibition and aims to find interesting and eye-catching stories on Lowry’s work. For example recently a piece of Lowry’s art came in, which had ketchup stains on it! Trev did a big campaign in all the local newspapers on how The Lowry cleaned and restored the painting. Another thing that really interested me was an Economic Income study which Trev conducts each year to show to the local areas the money generated from shows in The Lowry in addition to the ticket sales. Last year, War Horse generated £15.5 million for the local economy!