Day 4: A week of work experience at The Lowry

This week we’ll be posting a blog every day from Ellie Prime who recently did work experience with us. Read on to find out how it went.

Meet the Fundraising Team

Lowry - 9294

As The Lowry is a charity and has to raise almost all its money itself; Tom, Bex, Emma and Gwen (the fundraising team) have one of the most important tasks to find this funding. They use the Membership programme, where people can become members for £30 a year, where they receive exclusive offers. Other quirky ways people can fund The Lowry are by adopting a painting in the gallery and keeping on track of the conservation on that painting. People can also pay to have their name on a seat in the theatre! I learnt that Tom works with the corporate side of fundraising; a company can pay an annual fee to join the Quay Club corporate membership. This means they get access to the Private VIP bar, free tickets and invitations to exclusive events. Examples of this would be; a fundraising dinner for the opening night of ‘Wicked’, an annual golf day, and they have also previously done a fashion show with Harvey Nichols. Some other events they do are used to promote the work of the Learning and Engagement team, inviting press, and other stakeholders to show them where their money is going and what achievements have come out of it. I really enjoyed talking to the Fundraising team as the events they hosted and organised sounded like a lot of fun, trying to find the best ways to attract the cooperate customers and making them spend their money to fund The Lowry.