Day 5: A week of work experience at The Lowry

This week we’ll be posting a blog every day from Ellie Prime who recently did work experience with us. Read on to find out how it went.

Ls Lowry - A Landmark  (copyright - The Lowry  Collection, Salford)
Ls Lowry – A Landmark
(copyright – The Lowry
Collection, Salford)

Working with the Gallery team

On my last day I was lucky enough to work with the Galleries team and was firstly shown around by Emily (Exhibitions Coordinator).  Emily works with the Curators to plan exhibitions and coordinates the practicalities including the shipping of art work, the changing of space for new exhibitions and condition checking artworks. I learnt that the walls of the gallery get freshly painted for every new exhibition and how the gallery technicians have to sometimes to completely change the layout or space in order to suit pieces of artwork. For example for EXTRAordinary (exhibition starting Sat 25 July) they have had to construct a whole new room for an art piece by Karina Smigla-Bobinski called ‘ADA’ which is a helium filled, three-metre wide ball with charcoal sticking out of it.

ADA is a visitor animated installation so visitors are invited to move it around the space, this will subsequently leave charcoal marks all over the walls in the newly constructed room. The exhibition is also going to feature 6,000 oranges arranged into a pyramid; a piece of blue tack placed on the wall by Martin Creed and plastic bags of rubbish shaped like rabbits. The aim is to get the visitors involved with the art, interact and contribute to the fabric of the exhibition. In Emily’s job every day would be different, especially when such unique exhibitions as EXTRAordinary come to The Lowry!

Afterwards I was taken by Claire (the curator of The Lowry Collection) to The Lowry’s archive room where a lot of L.S Lowry’s collection is stored. The L.S Lowry exhibition has just been re-hung and is now called ‘L.S Lowry: The Art and The Artist’ which has a focus on the history of Lowry as a person, not just the work he created. I learnt a lot during the day which changed my initial perception of the ‘matchstick man’ artist. I was especially impressed by the skill of Lowry’s portraiture done in oil and others in pencil. Claire regularly refreshes The Lowry gallery with pieces from the archive, this is a key way to keep people interested in Lowry’s permanent gallery collection.

A week has been nowhere near enough time here, I don’t want to leave! I’ve really appreciated being able to work and get involved in all aspects of The Lowry whilst I’ve been here and how welcoming everyone has been. After chatting to so many different people about their job roles, it’s really given me a clearer picture of what I am interested in and what I could possibly do in the future. I did so much this week that I wasn’t able to talk about absolutely everything in this blog! I want to finish saying a massive thankyou to all the team at the Lowry for having me and especially to Trev for organising such an amazing work programme for me!